Sun II

The simple look into the progress of this work :

The robot is a second generation type.
It reacts with kinetic motion to the sound,
the sound is injected into its Atmega core,
that I have programmed, to correspond with legs
and arms movement, accordingly to intensity
of sound. There is also a shutter mechanism,
that is controlling the overall projection, to create
a stunning visual experience for viewers.


So it all started from small figurine, to measure stuff,
and do some simple questioning of possible technical
difficulties, that came later on anyway..

Spine out of welding rods

legs and arms are based on umbrella mechanism

The size of umbrella chosen for legs, defined the rest of proportions

Further assembling of frame  

Soldering with blowtorch, not so stiff as real welding though

adding isolation plate for arduino clone

I couldn't resist to do some quick testing 

Audio filter for audio in


testing and programing

preparing the head

spotting problems 

working it out 


reconsidering last thoughts 

cleaning good old DELL power supply to prevent fire 

adding bits and guts

calibrating and testing

head ing further

connecting- securing servos , notice there is listening audio output for speakers/headphones
If you listen closely, you can hear frequency of oscilator

making frame for exhibition 

inserting brain

glowing brain, yay

notice - more cables

making plexi chair.. 

I do not like aesthetics.. this.. plastic feeling 

metal is much better :)  just welded

more frame parts from skip - to weld, making frame higher

projecting my stop motion animation through, amazing

making the double shutter mechanism


realizing some problems

I have chosen to use just one, since two are to narrow ( but it was two dimensional :( but the effect was a 'spot light' effect , which was not enough for viewers to understand the content

the mechanism on place, and operational

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